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Dating in the Bronze Age: With special reference to Scandinavia

Oscar Montelius

Fristående monografier

In his Tidsbestämning - Dating in the Bronze Age - of 1885, Oscar Montelius published the first detailed and reliable chronology for the Bronze Age of Northern Europe. A hundred years later his results are, in the main, still valid. In addition, he presented the first solid survey of the chronology of the Bronze Age over a much wider area in Central and Southern Europe. The skilful way in which Montelius handled the contexts of the finds, an enormous mass even a hundred years ago, makes this book the first modern chronological work and a land-mark in the history of Archaeology.

Dating of the Bronze Age is here for the first time made easily accessible to non-Scandinavian readers (only one chapter and the appendices having been omitted). An introduction, by Bo Gräslund, has been added.
Dating in the Bronze Age

ISBN 9174021826


148 sidor

Utgiven 1986

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