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Medieval Ironwork In Sweden Vol. II

Lennart Karlsson

The primary material essentially consisting of church doors with ornamental, symbolig and apotropaic representations in wrought iron is accounted for in a catalogue comprising 536 items and illustrated by 1120 photos and drawings. The catalogue is supplemented with a reasoned exposition consisting of: a regional survey of Swedish ironwork, a comparison with ironwork from the rest of Europe, an iconographic chapter which examines the extent to which the position of the ironwork on a door has influenced the choice of motifs, an analysis of the legal aspects - particularly regarding right of asylum - of the ringhandle, an illustration of the importance of material and technique in the absolutely unique development of wrought-iron forms, a survey of the carpentry construction of ironed doors and, finally, a chapter on chronology. THe reasoned passages are illustrated by 380 photos and drawings.
Medieval Ironwork In Sweden Vol. II

ISBN 917402194X

Hard cover

616 pages

Published 1988

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